Hi Everyone...
Welcome to MPCG 2011. This is where you will come to get all the information you need to attend our seventh annual Polymer Clay Gathering held here in Morrisburg Ont. from Thurs. April 07 to Sun. April 10.. Here you will find registration and hotel information as well as demo descriptions, schedules and material lists. Be patient with us, we are just getting started!
You can also come here and post any questions or queries you may have.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Links to book making

Just remembered that I told you I would send you to the video that shows how to assemble a book via Coptic stitching. It is a good reminder in case you forget.There might be a few minor differences with the way I showed you, but all in all, it comes out the same. So, you can go here; it is the best one I found.
There is also some cool stuff:here if you want to kick it up a notch!
And also here if you want a bit of history.
PS: Click on the underlined "here"s and it will get you to the links.
Have fun....Vio

Les photos de Violette

People impressions. Click on pictures and you can see a larger version.
The group in the wind.
Cane swap.
Georgia teaching
Laurie and Elaine
Janice drinking....water
Pam thinking about her next trip to Australia
Louise concentrating
Sandy and Christine
Diane and Pat our enthusiastic newbies
Patti another smiling newbie
Moyra happy because she has a new puppie
Cathy working hard
Melly on her computer
Janice and Vio showing off their newly acquired bling from the Table de Junque
Thank you for coming you cool gals you, once again, you made this a memorable weekend.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Barbara Bowman's pictures

Barbara's book

Barbara, Jacey and Janice's books

Dorothy, Jacey, Violette and Margi

Gaby Orbach

Gaby's brooch

Gaby's frame

Gaby's necklace

Gaby's necklace

Gaby's necklace

Gaby's necklace

Group photo


Jacey's books and Barbara's book

Jacey's book back

Jacey's book front

Jacey's miniature fast food

Some of our books

We have just experienced our seventh annual Polymer Clay Gathering in Morrisburg Ontario. We had 34 clayers learning, teaching, sharing, and experimenting with Polymer Clay. Here are some pictures and I will add more as they come in so keep checking back! Thanks for another great year everyone!