Hi Everyone...
Welcome to MPCG 2011. This is where you will come to get all the information you need to attend our seventh annual Polymer Clay Gathering held here in Morrisburg Ont. from Thurs. April 07 to Sun. April 10.. Here you will find registration and hotel information as well as demo descriptions, schedules and material lists. Be patient with us, we are just getting started!
You can also come here and post any questions or queries you may have.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Before you leave...

Hi everyone!

We are almost there, less than two week to go: our yearly clay fest is about to begin.


Thurs: April 7
Afternoon - Arrival and Set-up
6:00 - Dinner
7:30 - Welcome and project set-up
Margi Laurin: Making and assembling a pen

Fri April 8
7:30 - Breakfast
8:30 - Gera Scott-Chandler: Inspired by Klimt
10:30- Barbara Colautti: Natasha beads
12:00 - Lunch
1:30 - Georgia Ferrell: Making a silver or copper bezel
3:00 - Christine Hubbard: Foil bead necklace
4:30 - Happy hour
6:00 - Dinner
7:30 - Janice Van Beek: Large vessels with snug fitting lids

Sat April 9
7:30 - Breakfast
8:30 - Gera Scott-Chandler: An introduction to UV resin
10:30 - Louise Gagné: Face cane 3-D doll
12:00 Lunch
1:30 - Gaby Orbach - Pandora beads
3:00 - Sandy Willis - Easy extruder spiral cane
4:30 - Happy hour
6:00 - Dinner
7:30 - Cathy Malcolmson - Raku for you

Sun April 10
7:30 - Breakfast
8:30 - Ohhhs and Ahhhs
10:30 - Putting it all together (mosaic)
Return on the gathering, opinions etc.

Last checklist

Basic clayers kit
Materials for each class
Driving instructions and phone numbers
Books and magazines, for the library (optional)
Table de Junque: a great opportunity to recycle (optional)
Shop, Hawk and Gawk: we want to see what you make (optional)
Canes and beads for swaps (optional)
Smile (not optional)

How to get to Morrisburg

From the 401 take exit 750 at Morrisburg. Follow signs to town about 1km
from highway overpass. (You will be turning RIGHT into town if you are
coming from Toronto, and LEFT into town coming from Montreal). Turn left at
the lights and drive another 1 km approx. On the left side of the road, you
will see the MacIntosh Inn. It is well marked and you will already have seen
the signs directing you to it. Drive safely!

The Hotel number is: 613-543-3788
Margi and Leslie will be around and the contact person to speak to at the Inn is

When You Arrive

Someone at the front desk will direct you to the conference room and give you your keys and room number. You may want to drop your “stuff” off so you don’t have to lug it upstairs or downstairs.


You will receive a folder upon arrival with schedule, room list, as well as some useful information about the town.

This is YOUR event. You have paid for all of the demos, it is your choice whether to attend them or not. If you feel you have too much on your plate, or that a demo may not be beneficial to you, you may opt out and go for a long lunch or a nap or a Jacuzzi. (You need to book Jacuzzi times with the front desk.)

Or you may want to continue working on something that has piqued your interest. And even though you may choose to work on something else, you will benefit just from listening. The instructors will be willing to answer questions and help you any time you need it, not only during their class time.

This is our tenth MPCG gathering and we feel every one has been very successful. If you have any questions, concerns or comments, come directly to Margi or Leslie. We will do our very best to help you.

PS from Violette: as a procrastinator, I left this for the very end hoping things would change or something magical would happen....not!! I will not be able to attend Morrisburg this year: the dates just don't work for me. Everybody is fine but there is a lot of family stuff going on right now. I don't have a ride to get me to Morrisburg. At this point I have to be happy that I was able to make it nine times. I feel bad that I leave Margi on her own, but wait..... Leslie will take over; she knows most of the ropes and she will be a great right hand lady for Margi. It is just a timing issue. I'm going to miss you all but I will be back next year with bells and whistles. So, please have a great time, enjoy, share, and don't forget to laugh.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Some more important information

Hi there everyone,

I am sending this right after yesterday's email because I want to get as much information as possible to you before I leave. I am going to Cuba and the sun for a couple of weeks and will be back around March 20. From here to March 20, please refer to Margi if you need any info or have questions. However, send messages to both of us. I am not sure of the internet connections down there.

The Gathering is going to happen in little over a month! The dates are earlier this year. This message is a reminder of other things you can bring along with you to share, show or sell.

LIBRARY: once again we ask for your cooperation for the reading table; we all like to read and if you have any magazines or books of interest, please bring them along. They don’t necessarily need to be clay related: anything to inspire will do the trick. Please mark the books/magazines you bring so that they can be returned to you.

TABLE DE JUNQUE: how about making a special effort for the table. In this time of recycling, take a good look at all your clay related tools/supplies. There are a lot of things that you don’t use and won’t use. Why don’t you give them to someone who will? We can’t think of a better way of sharing. We all have stuff lying around begging to be used…by someone else!! Think about it. There are always little treasures to be found on that table.

SHOP HAWK AND GAWK: if you have anything to show and tell we would be happy to see it (doesn’t have to be for sale). Just bring anything you are proud of or maybe things you want input on. And if you have stuff to sell, we will set up a table like in the years past.
Mark each item with your name and price.
You are responsible for the sale (i.e. receipt, taking cash,
packaging etc).
We will have an area assigned, but if you have special display requirements, please bring them.

CANES: Do you have canes that are never-ending? Why don’t you bring them along to exchange? that way, you will have a greater variety of canes to work with. The more canes, the merrier. This has worked well in the last three years and we want to do it again this year.

BEADS: Do you want to swap beads?, bring some with you to exchange.

If you have any ideas you want to share, please go right ahead. The information we gave you will be uploaded to the Morrisburg blog. http://www.mpcg09.blogspot.com
Once again, we are anticipating a super weekend of learning, laughter and lots of claying. Don’t forget to bring your smile and energy because we plan to have some fun.

You will be receiving driving directions and phone numbers etc. closer to the date.

Margi and Vio

1-PS: I forgot to mention that Gera will have metal leaf sheets available for $1 each.
I also added to Georgia's description and materials needed.

2-PS: PLEASE NOTE: Margi will also be doing a demo and the details can be found in the demo list that was published yesterday.

Monday, February 28, 2011

MPCG 2011 What to bring

Morrisburg Polymer Clay Gathering 2011

The polymer clay gathering at Morrisburg Ontario will be held from Thursday April 7th to Sunday April 10th. We have an exciting program lined up for you. So put on your traveling shoes, pack a smile and come and join us. Fun and learning guaranteed.

N.B. There are a few open spots left. If you are interested in coming, please communicate with Margi Laurin at this address: margilaurin@sympatico.ca

There will be some great demos to inspire you and jog your creativity.
Here is a list of some demos and what you will need to bring if you want to try them.
Not in any specific order....

Janice Van Beek
Large Vessels with Snug Fitting Lids

The tools required are 2 sheets of regular paper (like from a printer), a sheet of cotton rag paper ( i will bring it since it is hard to find), a 6" length of cardboard mailing tube 3"diameter and a glue stick or double sided tape.

Gera Scott-Chandler
Inspired by Klimt

basic clay supplies
metal leaf sheets*
optional glitter
*gera will have metal leaf sheets available for $1 each

An Introduction to UV Resin
UV Resin- all brands are fine*
Bezels (metal or polymer clay)
sewing needle
mini torch- optional

*gera will have 1 oz sample bottles of UV resin and assorted bezels available for sale

Gaby Orbach
Pandora Beads

Tools/Materials - Kato Polyclay and Kato Liquid Polyclay (KLP)
- heat gun
- soft paint brushes
- stylus
- metal knitting needle or bamboo skewer
- eyelets

Sandy Willis
Easy Extruder Spiral Cane

Tools required are the Makins Green Extruder (I don't know if other ones will work) and 3 colours of clay.

Christine Hubbard
Foil Bead Necklace

Black Premo about 4 oz
Jones tone foils
Scrap clay
small silver beads about 1\8", approx 45,optional
crimp beads
Bead stringing material

Kemper cutters, any shape, for cutting consistent sizes
Bone folder or credit card
Popsicle sticks
Needle tool

Louise Gagné
Face Cane 3-D Doll

A face cane
Skin coloured clay or any colours that goes with your face cane if you still have some from last year.
Wire or paper clip
Any colour clay for decorations hat, hair, etc.
A few tooth picks.
If you want to finish the doll add scrap clay and canes.
***Wire if you want to make it move. Jewelry tools.***
and as a bonus:
Faux jeans: jeans and any colour clay
Faux perfecto ( leather jacket) :Black clay, wire

Barbara Colautti
Natasha Beads

Materials: stubby ends of canes, raggy bits of clay left over from projects.

A really, REALLY sharp tissue blade.

Two small, round, Kemper-style cutters, one smaller than the other.

That's it and all about it !

Cathy Malcolmson
Raku For You

Raku ware - The term Raku means "enjoyment" or "ease”. In the 16th century, a Japanese tea master had a tile-maker who produced tea bowls for use in tea ceremonies. They were made from red clay and had a seal bearing the Chinese character for Raku. Raku then became the name of the family that produced the wares. This is the only example in the history of a family name becoming synonymous with the ceramics they produced. Fourteen generations of the "Raku" family of potters continue to make the pottery.

Raku is a Japanese pottery technique that coats rough-surfaced clay with metallic washes that is then fired in a wood-fired kiln. Different glazing techniques are used with earth clay. Many glazes have a lot of copper oxide in them resulting in a metallic or copper matte finish. Other glaze ingredients cause purple and blue colours and sometimes silver based glazes are used. Potters often use specially formulated glaze recipes that "crackle" or craze (present a cracked appearance), because the crazing lines take on a dark colour from the carbon.

Project Ideas

Covered boxes or vases
Book covers

Supplies - For the paints and powders please just bring supplies you already have as you won't use all of these.

When you gather your supplies think Raku colours – Cobalt blue, green, violet, copper and aqua
Clay – Copper, Black, Dark Brown or scrap, White and Ecru
Pearl Ex or metallic powders – copper, spring green, flamingo pink, violet
Sealant such as Future floor wax
Interference metallic acrylic paints (blue, violet, red, orange, green, gold)
Iridescent acrylic paints (bronze, gold, and copper)
Black acrylic paint
Gel Medium
Golden Acrylic Micaceous Iron Oxide - 4oz jar (not the small bottle labeled fluid)
Stipple paintbrush or other very stiff brush or a tooth brush and regular small paint brush
Course sand paper / sanding sponge
Plain white bond paper
Small stamps with basic designs
Texture sheets
Small piece of styrofoam and toothpicks (if making beads)

Georgia Ferrell
Basic Silversmithing - Creating a Bezel of Silver

In this demo I will show you how to cut bezel wire, solder the bezel shape, saw a base and solder the base to the bezel. One can use a bezel without a base, and solder silver strips to hold in the clay. On can drill thru the silver for adding jump rings, or solder half rings to the bezel (an advanced skill). Copper can also be used, although I am not yet certain if I can provide copper bezel wire.

Steps for making the bezel ring:
1. design your shape. Cut the bezel wire to length plus about1/16 inch for filing to flat.
2. use a file or sand paper to make the ends of the wire perfectly flat so that when held to each other there is no absolutely no air space --- solder will NOT fill a void.
3. depending on the shape you choose, you can make the shape and then solder, or you can solder and then
bend the bezel to shape.
4. if you are putting a back on the bezel with solder, you must use hard solder to solder the joint of the bezel
ring, and medium or soft solder for soldering the back to the ring.
5. put the ring on the fire brick and hold its shape with either baling wire or pins. In a little depression on the
brick, place a little snippet of solder, heat until it becomes a ball.make several balls in case one or two get
lost…place the little ball inside the bezel right at the bottom of the join, flux it all and then put the torch
flame on the work, moving it about so that the entire bezel is heated.
Materials list to make a bezel:
Strip of silver, or copper about 3/16 to ¼ inch wide, about 4 inches long
Flat piece of either copper or silver if a back to the bezel is wanted, or strips
Flux, solder, pins or baling wire,
Fire brick, torch

Kit I can provide for $7.00 up: copper, strip of silver bezel wire, flux, solder, torch fuel etc. a length of 4 inches will provide a round bezel one inch in diameter. The kit is made for this size bezel. If you want a larger bezel, please let me know. Cost for silver bezel wire goes up about $1.00 per inch.

I provide: torches, firebrick, pickle, pins

If you can bring your own files, fine flat and rounded or flat on one side and rounded on the other or all
Sand paper coarse and fine al tho this is mostly available

Please email me privately if you have any questions. HYPERLINK "mailto:igeorgiad@gmail.com" igeorgiad@gmail.com

NOTE: if you want a kit with 4 inches of silver bezel wire etc. please let me know. I will have some sheet silver, some sheet copper and hopefully copper bezel wire to sell also. Thanks.
Margi Laurin
Pen demo

Use your new found techniques and create a One of a Kind fountain or ball point pen. Margi will give you the ins and outs and do's and don'ts of pen making. You will be able to take advantage of the pen press throughout the weekend and have a functional and beautiful object d'art to take home. If you wish to purchase pen parts from Margi, she will be ordering the "Flat top Chrome Ball Point" and "Flat Top Chrome Fountain" Pen parts from Lee Valley Tools. Please respond to this email and MAKE SURE "PENS" is in the subject line. If your message is mixed in with another message about MPCG it WILL GEt LOST. I restrict my pens to these two models as it allows me to get the bulk price. These pens are 10.80 for one, 8.50 if you buy 10 and 7.75 if you buy 25. I would suspect we would be paying 8.50 presuming there is a split between ball point and fountain. You are welcome to purchase your own pen and bring it with you, but you will pay the single price. There will be HST. Final price to be determined by numbers.
REMEMBER: make sure PENS is in the subject line, and specify fountain or ball point.


While we are at it, here is :

The basic clayer's kit

Clay of your choice,
pasta machine (no motor),
work surface,
tissue blade,
knife or scraper,
wet/dry sand paper,
note taking and drawing materials,
index cards,
paper towels,
texturing materials,
modeling tools such as knitting needles or what you like to use,
piercing tools,
x-acto knife,
mould release,