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Sunday, April 19, 2009

This from Sandy

Hi All,

I was at Michael's yesterday and they had their Grummer flakes on clearance for $2.99. I bought a couple of packages and if anyone would like me to pick one up for them I will, just drop me an e-mail. One back will give you 10 years supply of flakes so they're great to share.

Also, Shades of Clay is now carrying several sizes of Memory Glass and her prices are very competitive at $6.99 for 24 pieces (take another 10% off for class) and $3.00 cheaper than what Michaels has. I am providing two glass pieces for everyone in their kits but the one inch square slides might be very useful for other projects as you won't have to cut your other pieces to size. There will be some spare slides as well.

You can see Memory Glass slides at http://www.shadesofclay.com/products/Embellishments/Other%20Embellishments/Memory%20Frames.htm

Again, they're not necessary for class, but I suspect that for those that like mosaicky types of things you might find ideas to use the glass with and with not having to pay for shipping for Morrisburg it might be worth the money.

As far as clay - the clay becomes a backdrop to whatever you're doing. You'll definitely want translucent for one of the techniques but other than that it's whatever colours you like to work with and the techniques don't require a whole lot. I think many of us are bringing "everything but the kitchen sink" for clay so it's likely that someone will have a colour that you want and might be willing to share.

Less than two weeks to go!


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