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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sandy's description and list

This is what Sandy Willis wrote on her blog Friday.
Her list of things to bring is pretty complete; you might want to check it out.
Thanks Sandy!! And by the way, go and visit her blog; it is interesting.

Hi Everyone,
In just a few short weeks Morrisburg will be upon us. It's an annual gathering of 30+ women from Ontario and Quebec. We meet for a long weekend and clay all weekend long. I was dragged kicking and screaming to it five years ago by some women I had barely gotten to know at Guild. I then became one of the biggest converts as the session had met and exceeded my every expectation. It's now something I look forward to every year.

There's lots of claying, eating, laughter, friendship, and happy exhaustion. Everyone is incredibly warm and giving in their time, talent, and companionship. I'm smiling as I type this because it's just so much fun.

The photos above are a collage of the lessons that we'll be learning this year. It's a good mix of items and I'm looking forward to each and every one of them. I'll be giving a tutorial in one of the evenings, on some caning techniques that I've been playing with. You'll get to see the canes after Morrisburg.

I've started putting some things aside for packing. Here's the list of everything I've got to put together and figure out how to pack. There will be a lot of "oh, and I guess I should also add..." as I browse my hobby room. Fortunately I know that if I forget something someone else will have one.

Paints, Inks, Liquids and other tints

•Acrylic paints in favourite colours
•Glazing medium or pre-mixed acrylic glazes
•Dollar store paint brushes
•Paint Pallette
•Pallette knife
•Acrylic gel medium that dries clear (Golden brand or modge podge)
•Pearlized acrylic paint
•Stamping ink
•Water container
•Alcohol inks
•Pearlex powders
•Future floor finish
•Water spray bottle
•fabric acrylic paints or inks(Dye Na Flow) - 1-3 colours
•sponges and makeup brushes
•Liquid Clay


•Wooden boxes
•Small tins
•Empty match boxes
•Glued books


•Glue – White craft glue and acid free glue stick – PVA or archival
•Adhesive Tape

Blades and Cutters

•Cane cutting blades
•Heavy duty utility knife with supply of extra blades
•Cutting mat
•Cookie cutters
•Chef scoopy thingy
•Kemper cutters


•Cork-backed metal ruler
•Cutting Mat or cardboard
•Small measuring containers from Lee Valley
•Bone folder
•Wax paper
•Paper towels
•Hole punches
•Gloves for hot clay
•Bull dog clips
•Straight pins
•Key rings
•Plastic sheet protectors
•Credit card
•-20 g. wire and flat-nose plier
•-cotton balls
•knitting needle
•mica sheets
•Small white vinyl canvas
•Mr. Clean magic eraser

Clay Tools

•Pasta Machine
•Polymer clay extruder with discs


•Bake n Bend clay
•-polymer clay - white,black, translucent,ecru,pearl and brown
•black clay
•Scrap clay
•light coloured polymer clay
•Play dough
•Other colours
•Samples for tutorial

Textures and stamps

•Images for collages and transfers
•-small rubber stamps (ex. star,leaf)
•Word stamps


•headpins, earrings
•marker pens,
•brads, eyelets & eyelet setter,
•found objects,
•ribbons, yarns, wire, bits of fabric, sewing needles, thread, coins, buttons

Junque Table stuff

Show and Tell

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