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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Morrisburg 2010 - the pictures

Voilà some pictures taken at the MPCG 2010.

The Inn!

Morrisburg is a fun and relaxing event! Party gals have fun!

Some are concentrated...

Specially the newbies!

Some are not concentrated! Outch my finger tips!

And others are distracted by the camera.

A chaotic workplace; I hid the owner to protect her reputation!

Margi actually made something; I read that when you make faces, you usually represent yourself!

He He

Family picture.

If you take my picture, I'll take yours (at the same time)!

Putting the mosaic together in the honeymoon suite. Phew! It is going to work.

The mosaic completed thanks to the work of all participants who made a clay tile. It is reversible; on one side it is called "Vegetables in a Bowl" on the other side, "The Gardener". Made in 1590 by Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Fanny found herself a man!

Group photo.

This last picture is to imprint in your brain this familiar "scene" and to condition you to come back next year!!!

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