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Welcome to MPCG 2011. This is where you will come to get all the information you need to attend our seventh annual Polymer Clay Gathering held here in Morrisburg Ont. from Thurs. April 07 to Sun. April 10.. Here you will find registration and hotel information as well as demo descriptions, schedules and material lists. Be patient with us, we are just getting started!
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Sunday, March 25, 2012

MPCG12-What to bring (1)

Hi there,
This is an important message.

To start off, the more urgent stuff:

This year we are having a "losely” based theme of BLACK and WHITE, you might want to keep this in mind when ordering your clay from Georgia. As you know, we are always very flexible and you are not in any way REQUIRED to use black and white, but you might just be inspired to so let Georgia know if you need any clay (premo). (igeorgiad@gmail.com)

Now, here is what you might want to bring for the demos: (the basic clayers kit and other stuff will follow in another email).

Line Labrecque:
" Making Faux Volcanic Rock Beads Without Getting
The list of materials is as
polymer clay in black, white
rock salt
fine salt
2 bowls to hold the salt
thin knitting needles or pick for making holes in beads
baking supplies (ceramic tile, bead tray, etc...)
Bowl for cold water (to dissolve the salt)
measuring tool (cookie cutter for consistent size beads)
pasta machine
gloves (if you wish)

Plus, Line also has this request:

I also have a request. It is
separate from the demo. I am a member of PCAGOE, an etsy guild, and we
are gathering leftover beads to donate to the Beads of Courage
foundation. Is it possilbe to ask if anyone attending the week-end to
bring any beads they would wish to donate for the cause? I would
gather them up at the week-end and send them off all together.

Elaine Kennedy:
“Be there or be Square”

Supply List
white and black clay
white and black acrylic paints
sharp tissue blade or exacto knife
square 1" cutter or template
favourite rubber stamps or textures for clay
Kato or liquid Sculpey
glue to hold baked clay together

Pat Ghadbane:
“Ikat Inclusion Cane”

Tools and Materials:
Pasta machine
Extruder ( I use a Makins Professional Ultimate Clay Extruder, the barrel is approx. 5 ¾ “ x ¾ “)
¼ “ square disc for the extruder ( or any other square disc but it may affect how much clay you need)
Work surface (suitable for polymer clay)
Acrylic Rod
Tissue blade
4 colors of polymer clay ( enough of each to fill the barrel of the extruder)

Your color choices will be influenced by what effect you are trying to achieve.
Bold statements can be made with 4 different brighter colors.
Monochromatic color schemes will give you a skinner blended look.
White in the middle makes the cane “pop”.
(As the theme is Black and White; I will demoing the cane in black, silver, grey and white.)

Barbara Colautti:
“The Colautti Cane”

It's a demo on what cool stuff to do with the pretty bits you have left over when you don't fancy smushing them into the mud-pile.
Endy bits of canes, age not important.
Raggy leftover bits of coloured sheets from projects.
Circle cutters.
Black Clay
White clay
Usual kit.
Light bulb (optional

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