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Welcome to MPCG 2011. This is where you will come to get all the information you need to attend our seventh annual Polymer Clay Gathering held here in Morrisburg Ont. from Thurs. April 07 to Sun. April 10.. Here you will find registration and hotel information as well as demo descriptions, schedules and material lists. Be patient with us, we are just getting started!
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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Orders for MPCG

First for the instructors....our number of attendees this year is 34. 

Now, for supplies, I will, as I did last year, place an order with KJP Crafts. You can send your order, with product numbers and quantities , to me and I will have them at the Mac for you. I will be placing the order on Mon. April 20th. HOWEVER, I do not want the job of splitting cases of clay this year, so if you are interested in something that only comes in pre-packs, please arrange this among yourselves. 
Also, Marg Scott, of Shades of Clay, has generously offered 10% off to all MPCG attendees and your order will be brought to Morrisburg by one of the SOPCG guild members saving you shipping so this is a great deal!!  Thanks Marg!!
For a Shades of Clay order:

For a KJP Craft order:
but send the order to Margi Laurin at margilaurin@sympatico.ca

Please put "Order for MPCG" in your subject line. 
See Y'all soon!!

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