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Monday, February 16, 2009

MPCG-09 Class description: Jacey Culham

Funky Fast Food in Miniature

In this class Jacey will teach you how to make a selection of fast food - in miniature! These
adorable little food items can be used as funky jewellery pieces, as scrapbook embellishments, for dollhouses - or - for the doll makers in our group - as fast food for dolls, bears or fairies. The food created will include Hamburgers, Hot dogs, French Fries and Poutine plus all the necessary toppings (pickles, relish, mustard, ketchup etc). For dessert we will make that all Canadian favourite - Doughnuts! No special skills or tools are required for this class - clayers of any skill level will have fun and produce great results. A little kit of basic tools will be provided for each student at no extra charge.

Materials list

Besides your usual clay kit you will need -
*Clay - to successfully create miniatures a firm clay is best - I usually use Fimo Classic but Kato or pre-leached Premo will work too. You will need small amounts (half a small block) each of white, yellow, ecru/beige, dark brown, red, green, black, and if you have them- Fimo terra cotta, rosewood and caramel. If you don't have these - don't worry we can mix them from Kato or Premo.

*Fine pointed tweezers to pick your tiny food items
*TLS or liquid Kato or Fimo gel
*Small good paintbrush size 0 or 00
*Small old paintbrush for dry brushing
*yogurt or cottage cheese lid to use as disposable palette
* small yogurt cup or small jar to use for water for painting
*Loctite Gel Cyanoacrylate glue

* PATIENCE and a sense of humour!

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