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Monday, February 16, 2009

MPCG-09 Class description: Wendy Orlowski

Resolution Steampunk !

At the beginning of this year I decided that I would try not to be such a consumer. Instead I vowed to start using up some of my stash and that's how I got on the Steampunk bandwagon.

For those of you that aren't familiar with Steampunk think old school. I mean really old school, like back when everything was still steam powered. It's all about fictional technology and things encrusted with metal bits and gears. Throw in a bit of fantasy, some timelessness and some whimsy and you've got Steampunk.

In this workshop we will be creating a pendant or brooch in the Steampunk style that incorporates the CaBezel Jewellery Molds (if you don't know what these are you can go to www.shadesofclay.com to get an idea, but don't worry, I'll be bringing enough for everyone to use.)

In the first part of the class I will demonstrate how easy it is to use the molds. We will make various bezels and learn how to turn a few into "earth crystals" using liquid clay. We'll also use a "Skinner blend" to create a cabochon that resembles an old polished stone that was perhaps mined years earlier.
Next we combine these finished pieces with some scrap clay, some metallic powders and a whole bunch of tiny metal bits to create a timeless looking piece of jewellery that can be worn as a pendant or brooch and if time permits we can make a small pair of earrings to match.

Now run off and start taking apart your old jewellery and that broken watch to get all of those tiny, shiny, fancy bits of metal!!

Aptly named because I came up with this class proposal after making my New Year's resolution : To use up some of my stash before buying anything new!!!!!!!)

Materials list

-patty papers
-spray bottle of water for a release agent
-acrylic rod/roller
-a firm clay (like Kato for the bezels)
-I prefer to use black clay as a base when I'm attempting to imitate metal but scrap clay can work just as well
-any Pearlex powders or pulvers so you can mimic your favourite metal
-fine glitter
-liquid clay
-small texture tools ( buttons work well)
-a few colours of clay to make a skinner blend(This will be used to make a cabochon that will resemble some kind of rock or stone from nature)

-Tiny little metal bits in silver or gold or both. Tiny washers, springs, chain, buttons, metal beads, glass beads, screws, scrapbooking supplies, grommets etc. As long as it is small it will work.
Dig into your husband's/mother's or sister's stashes.
I will bring stuff to share.

If any of you ladies already have the CaBezels Molds please bring them along. If you don't already have them....no worries, I will bring some molds for you to play with.
Here are a few pictures to give you an idea.

This was sent to the group in March and I am adding it here.

One of our SOPCG guild members recently mentioned that she was having a difficult time knowing what type of metal parts i was requesting for my steampunk workshop so i decided to take a few pics and put them on my blog .

Remember, there are no hard and fast rules as to what you must use. Just about anything will work.

Think old school, steam powered, fictional technology , metal bits and gears,fantasy and whimsy.

Here is the link http://www.theartofmyclay.blogspot.com/

I'm really lookinmg forward to MPCG !!! See you there.


  1. Bonjour,
    Je suis en admiration devant vos créations, c'est vraiment magnifique, quelle chance ont les canadiennes de pouvoir suivre un de vos stages.
    Bien cordialement de Montpellier

  2. Wendy I'm really looking forward to this one! Been playing around a bit with this myself, but your examples are way cool!


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