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Monday, March 22, 2010

From Janice Van Beek re:Clay Order

Hi Group,

I am going to place a bulk order for Premo clay (only) thru KJP crafts.

Not all colours are available in the 1 lb's, here is the list of colours available:

Premo Sculpey Open Stock

Premo Sculpey comes in 33 colors in 2oz bars for retail. Box pack is 8 units of one color. Mixing colors

(min. one box/color) OK for volume pricing. Please see our website for colors.

5001 White 5101 Pearl 5323 Green 5521 Fluorescent Green

5018 Copper 5129 Silver 5382 Cadmium Red 5562 Ultramarine Blue

5033 Orange 5259 Red Pearl 5383 Alizarin Crimson 5572 Cadmium Yellow

5042 Black 5289 Blue Pearl 5392 Raw Sienna 5583 Fluorescent Red

5053 Burnt Umber 5299 Green Pearl 5503 Fluorescent Pink 5600 Fluorescent Yellow

5063 Cobalt Blue 5303 Gold 5504 Fuchsia 5703 Glow-in-the-Dark

5072 Zinc Yellow 5305 Sea Green 5505 Turquoise

5092 Beige 5310 Translucent 5513 Purple

5093 Ecru 5317 Frost 5515 Violet

Sixteen colors of Premo Sculpey are available in 1lb bars labeled for retail.

5001-1 White 5101-1 Pearl 5323-1 Green

5042-1 Black 5129-1 Silver 5382-1 Cadmium Red

5053-1 Burnt Umber 5303-1 Gold 5513-1 Purple

5092-1 Beige 5310-1 Translucent 5562-1 Ultramarine Blue

5093-1 Ecru 5317-1 Frost 5572-1 Cadmium Yellow

Case pack is 12 bars. Mixing OK for volume pricing.

Contact Janice Van Beek for prices please.

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