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Sunday, March 7, 2010

MPCG-10 Class description-Fanny Achache

Inkjet transfers on Polymer clay

As a graphic designer I am passionate by image. I've been making
photos for years, and I love to make collage. So obviously I had to
find a way to add images to my polymer clay creations.
After looking into all possible ways to make transfers, I've finally
found my favourite. And after trying a lot of different papers to
find which one works best, and moreover works with my home inkjet
printer, I was finally able to find the one that works best. It's an
Epson inkjet photo paper with a matt finish. You won't have to bring
paper or images, I will provide them for you. I have lots of very
nice images to please everybody. But if you want to make sure you use
your favourite image the reference paper is 041070.
We will be creating tiles with image colour transfers that you will be
able to use for pendants or bracelets.
In the first part, I'll show you how to make the transfer on the back
of a translucent polymer clay sheet to protect your transfer.
On the second part, we will be making tiles.

Materials list

In addition to the usual clay kit you will need
liquid polymer clay
light coloured polymer clay
Black clay
Scrap clay
a bone folder or a spoon for burnishing
Bamboo skewer or fine knitting needle
Acrylic rod
Graduated ruler or grid paper if you have it but it's not
absolutely necessary
If you want to finish your jewellery:
Elastic cord for a bracelet
Buna cord or leather cord for a pendant
It could also be a brooch.

I am looking forward to sharing this with you all
See you soon

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