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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

MPCG-10 Class description Leslie Lockhart and Sherry Nash


Welcome to our fun and exciting workshop where we will explore the art of “altered books” and how they marry with Polymer Clay to create a “new book look”.

We will teach you how to line a niche in clay and then introduce you to exciting new applications to fill that niche, techniques to embellish your book and for the more ambitious, possibly construct a drawer or two. The ideas are only as limited as your polymer clay supply and imagination … fill your niche with a mosaic pictorial, a vignette, a polymer clay painting! Your altered book can become a travelling suitcase or art gallery to showcase your finished ATCs, jewelry pieces, mini art works. Or add polymer clay fronts to drawers designed to store beads and miniature pieces. Think “Infinite”!

Optional – Advance Prep work
1. Find a good book (but not to read! To ALTER!) and construct a niche* …or NOT (if you just don’t have the time or inkling to hunt for a used book and do the pre-work, we will gladly provide you with a book complete with prepared niche (measuring 3.5”h x 2.5”w x ½”deep) and ready to alter for a nominal fee ($5.00).
NOTE: If you want to purchase a prepared book, please notify Leslie by email no later than Friday, 26 March 2010: leslock@total.net

2. Bring a finished polymer clay focal piece to showcase within the dimensions of your completed niche …or NOT (you could use something you create while in Morrisburg).
NOTE: If you’re purchasing a prepared book, pay attention to the size of your focal piece as it must not exceed the dimensions of the niche.

3. Decide whether you want a theme for your altered book …or NOT: Some artists enjoy working with a theme and can be inspired by the title or content of their book while others prefer to see what develops (or… let your focal piece inspire you).

*For those opting to prepare their book in advance
What kind of used book? The only pre-requisite is that the book must be hardcover as they work best. The ideal size is around 5”wide x 8”long x 1 ½” deep, but for just this once, size won’t matter….. it just has to be deep enough to carve a niche to hold your focal piece. Click on this instructional link for more details: Considerations for Choosing a book.

How do I construct a niche? To create a niche you will have to glue and cut pages ahead of time. Click on this instructional link for more details: Gluing and Cutting Niches

Materials List – MUST HAVE’S

· Basic polymer clay kit items
· Cutting Mat
· Cork-backed metal ruler
· Heavy duty utility knife with supply of extra blades ($store brand ok)
· Used hardcover book with prepared niche OR $5
· Polymer clay focal piece to fit the dimensions of your niche OR create one in Morrisburg
· Polymer clay of your choice – approximately 2oz – to line a niche and for embellishments
· Acrylic paints in your favourite colours
· Glazing medium or pre-mixed acrylic glazes
· Glue – White craft glue and acid free glue stick – PVA or archival
· Paint brushes for painting altered book pages (flat ones, sizes 8 – 14 work well) plus one for applying glue
· Palette or container for mixing paints and holding glue
· Container for water
· Waxed paper
· Paper towels
· Scissors

Materials List – “NICE TO HAVE’S” but optional for embellishments

· Extra used book to “practice” experimenting with layout or colours or treatment of altered pages
· Acrylic gel medium that dries clear (Golden brand best or modge podge)
· Pearlized acrylic paint
· Polymer clay extruder with discs
· Mold forms
· Rubber stamps for impressing polymer clay and for stamping pages
· Stamping inks
· Collage papers
· Images for collaging or transfers
· TLS for image transfers in polymer
· Bone folder or equivalent (old credit card, back of spoon)
· Ephemera for embellishing book pages such as assorted polymer clay beads, glitter, marker pens, brads, eyelets & eyelet setter, found objects, ribbons, yarns, wire, bits of fabric, sewing needles, thread, coins, buttons
· Heat gun – to speed paint drying
· Adhesive tape – regular, double-sided, removable are all useful
· Hole punches
· Small (empty) match boxes if doing drawers

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  1. Hi gang... just a reminder that if you will need a prepared book we need your order asap deadline has passed!). Thanks and we look forward to seeing you all!


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