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Monday, March 8, 2010

MPCG-10 Class description Georgia Ferrell


In this class we will learn some clay recipes and techniques that will lead to a variety of projects. However, for this class I will demo the creation of a basket of polymer clay. For this basket we will mix a variety of clays so that you can have samples of the different blends used for weaving, macramé, braiding, knitting, crocheting, and some jewelry cording. Lots of fun here because there is lots you can do with the ‘yarn’, the ‘reeds’ and the ‘weavers’ you will make with polymer clay. You will be able to make a project or simply use the techniques to make some samples for future use. Baking tips will also be discussed, as this is an important part of using bake and bend clay.

Material List:

Basic Clay Kit
Super Glue or very quick setting glue
Bake ‘n’ Bend clay -- 2 oz. block or more if you wish to do more projects or large ones
Extruder with flat and single round discs, several sizes
Several pieces of heavy cardboard to bake on… corrugated is best about 9 x 9 inches
Several types of clay – studio, premo, fimo, kato etc perhaps 2 ounces of each plus your
regular clay stash.
A pair of gloves as you must touch the clay when it is hot. I use those one size fits all sort
Any yarn or ribbon you might want to use as finishing touches
A piece of Styrofoam and some bull dog clips, key rings, and some straight pins.

Please note: Bake and Bend clay only comes in packages of 8 -2 ounce blocks or 6 one ounce blocks. The colors are red, black, white, orange, beige, green, blue, yellow in the 2 ounce size. Please let me know if you want me to purchase this for you. I must know by April 15. I will bring the blocks to mpcg and it will be first come first served colorwise. You might want to get together in groups to purchase this for yourself.
All the colors mix pretty well to get nice new colors, and especially with mica shifting clay.

Looking forward to seeing you all at MPCG 2010.


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